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$ 8.98
140 pages

Now's the Day and Now's the Hour examines the role of Scotland at the Alamo and in Texas history. A unique combination of history and music that connects the spirit and background of the Alamo defenders to Scotland. Also contains melody, lyrics and historical notes on all the songs from the CD Scotland Remembers the Alamo.

"The author has a unique knowledge of history, music in general and in particular the great melodies of Bonnie Scotland. That combination makes the work a must read whether you are interested in the Alamo alone or in the contributions of the roots of Scottish music as they reach beyond Caledonia." Bob Murdoch, FSA National Chairman Tartan Day

Purchase both the Double CD and the Book for $23.99

$ 8.98
161 pages

When young misfit Ewan Colin Coupar seeks escape from the taunts and teasing of his classmates among the hills beyond Greenock, Scotland, he finds an unexpected companion—a Rockkin named Winthrop, once a Druid priest and now a faerie spirit.


Winthrop befriends the lonely boy, paving the way for Ewan to meet a host of magical and mythical friends—both human and Fae.


When Ewan and a number of other special children form a group called the Cruach, though, Winthrop, the Rockkin folk, and other faerie spirits are concerned at this sudden gathering of Fae-touched youth. What greater purpose may be at its core? Are dark forces conspiring, using the Cruach to compromise the ancient Fae knowledge?


Maybe it was simply good fortune that the once-bullied Ewan suddenly found himself surrounded by friends. But could he be a pawn in a game he didn’t even know was being played?

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