Carl Peterson

Scotland Remembers the Alamo

Scotland Remembers the Alamo

With piper John MacGregor and fiddler Davy Crockett the men at the Alamo were often entertained by the songs brought to the New World from Scotland and Ireland. These songs were then used as tunes for ballads and stories written about the Alamo and the Texas revolution. Carl Peterson now presents these songs, many for the first time, in an incredible double CD collection. (Nearly two hours of music!)

The first CD contains songs written about the Alamo and the Texas Revolution, and also instrumental music on fiddle and bagpipe of songs that would have been current in the early 1800s, songs that perhaps the men of the Alamo would have been familiar with. The second CD continues this theme, but also includes the original versions of the songs whose tunes were used to write the songs about the Alamo and Texas. Complete song list is below.


Double CD $14.95 On sale: $7.98

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Now's the Day and Now's the Hour

Now's the Day and Now's the Hour

A book by Carl Peterson. Examines the role of Scotland at the Alamo and in Texas history. A unique combination of history and music that connects the spirit and background of the Alamo defenders to Scotland. Also contains melody, lyrics and historical notes on all the songs from the CD Scotland Remembers the Alamo.

"The author has a unique knowledge of history, music in general and in particular the great melodies of Bonnie Scotland. That combination makes the work a must read whether you are interested in the Alamo alone or in the contributions of the roots of Scottish music as they reach beyond Caledonia." Bob Murdoch, FSA National Chairman Tartan Day

Book $7.95 On sale: $3.98
Book & CD: $23.00 on sale $11.50
Now's the Day and Now's the Hour by Carl Peterson is now available as an eBook from:
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Scotland Remembers the Alamo Song List

Carl Peterson, on vocals and guitars, is accompanied by fiddler Bonnie Rideout, pipers Doug McConnell and Ian Parker, former Beatles session drummer Andy White, accordion player Bobby Murray and more.

CD 1:
  • Deguello/ Remember the Alamo
  • Hey Tuttie Tattie (vocal)/ Scot's Wha Hae (vocal)/ Hey Tuttie Tattie (instrumental) /All The Blue Bonnets
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (vocal)/ Flowers of Edinburgh (instrumental)/ White Cockade/ Soldier's Joy
  • Dashing White Sergeant (vocal)/ Female Volunteer for Mexico /Dashing White Sergeant (instrumental)/ Duke of Perth
  • Bonnie Dundee/ Glendaural Highlanders
  • Bugle Calls (March I and 2, Trot, Gallop, Deguello)
  • Remember the Alamo (tune: Hey Tuttie Tattie)
  • Moses Rose of Texas (tune: Yellow Rose of Texas)
  • Death of Davy Crockett (tune: Anacreon in Heaven)
  • Will You Come to the Bower/ Lilly Bolero
  • San Jacinto (tune: Hey Tuttie Tattie)
  • Freedom and Texas (tune: The Birks of Aberfeldy)
  • Uncle Sam to Texas (tune: Yankee Doodle)
  • To the Field Freemen (tune: Draw the Sword Scotland)
  • Zachary Taylor (tune: Billy Taylor)
  • Texas War Cry (tune: Anacreon in Heaven)
  • The Union Call (tune: All the Blue Bonnets)
CD 2:
  • Santa Anna's March
  • Santa Anna's Retreat from Cerro Gordo
  • Texas Heroes
  • Ian's Medley (Farewell to the Creeks/ Battle of Waterloo/ For A' That)
  • The Anacreontic Song/ Sussex Mummer's Carol
  • Birks of Aberfeldy
  • Draw the Sword Scotland
  • Billy Taylor
  • All The Blue Bonnets
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Scottish country dance version)
  • Dashing White Sargeant (Scottish country dance version)
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Remember the Alamo (instrumental)
Double CD $14.95 On sale: $7.98
Book $7.95 On sale: $3.98
Book & CD: $23.00 on sale $11.50

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